Lord Leopold & Huscija Crew “Takeover” DVD

[24 May 2017]

Intro/Questions: Lino Gonzalez

Marko Mrđenović, aka “Lord Leopold” and the Huscija Crew out of Pula, Croatia just released their latest full length DVD entitled “Takeover”. This DVD as well as their previous projects have payed respect to a certain street riding aesthetic which they have continued and built on. I asked Marko some questions in our latest “Theories” article to supplement the DVD which is available in our online shop.

– Why is there so much night footage from your crew?, is it by choice or is it too busy to ride during the day?

I remember filming at night ever since I started making videos somewhere in 2006. The camera was shitty, we used a door spyhole for a fisheye and nobody liked it. Getting the Sony vx2100 was the best thing we could have possibly done back in 2012. She sees so well it would be a waste of tape not to film at night. We only end up filming in daylight when we’re going on trips because you know how it is.. you can’t go to London and wait for evening to come to film a line, it’s either take it or leave it.

– What camera and light setup do you use?

I use the vx2100 with a little Sony light for the aesthetics. I also got a big Sony light with 2 bulbs that I barely ever use and 160 LED light to shine the riding area when its too dark to ride it.

– Are you a die hard SD video guy, or does that not matter to you as long as the content is good?

I am a die hard SD video guy and I don’t plan on going the other route. SD kinda represents what’s real street nowadays. Everytime I see a video in 4:3 in 90% of cases I will watch it till the end, and even if I dont like it I will respek it more than what HD has to offer. HD may have it’s benefits but I dont see it as such in bmx world. But for example when I watch ratkid’s animal house part in HD I don’t think about it.

– What do you think about the video landscape of BMX at the moment?, Any crews/videos you look out for? Is there any stuff you avoid?

To be honest, if you asked me this question few months ago I would probably shit on 95% of stuff I see online.
I completely stopped watching stuff on the web because its garbage. I have crews I like and always keep my eyes on. If there is something new poppin out thats good I got my homie bartek to let me know about it. As i always say whenever someone asks me its 90East, old Animal crew (till 2010),  LA crew from back in the day when the music, clothes and 180 rollouts still meant something to people, and of course my personal favourite Strangeways Crew (till infinity).

– Who has your favorite style in BMX? Could you think of a single clip that you showcases that style perfectly?

Its hard to pick only one person for it but if you could combine Edwin Delarosa’s style with E-man Cantero’s smoothness, Bob Scerbo’s landing delivery, and Clarky’s ability to make everything look so dope even if its just pedalling through the dark alley I would say that would be my favourite style to watch. That’s why I need to start playing lottery, win the ticket and pay for everyone’s trip so we can all meet up. I’m sure it would be one hell of a video.

– You seem to really be into 90’s Hip Hop, what are your favorite albums or artists?

Yeah im pretty much all in when it comes to old school hip hop. 80’s and 90’s are my jam. My favourite artists are Slick Rick and MC Eiht even tho you couldn’t tell in videos. There’s just so much good music out there its too bad these kids don’t see/hear/care about it.

– Are you into any of the new American hip hop?

hahaha No! I dont like new stuff and even if it catches in my ear I later hate myself for it. I do check what’s on the market tho but its always a big dissapointment with “where this whole thing is leading”. Only new song I can remember right now that I like is “A.D.H.D.” by Kendrick Lamar, and i dont even like the dude. I accidentially fell asleep in my bed while playing GTA 5, woke up hearing that song because fucking Franklin changes any radio station to Los Santos radio and it stuck in my head for some reason. I don’t think I would like it otherwise tho.

– With all of the Ancient Roman architecture in Pula, are the spots a bust?

Pula is a small town with really good spots but we do lack a lot of stuff too. I guess it’s just boring to ride the same small town for 12 years everyday. Ancient Roman architecture means nothing to me to be honest. I live 50 meters from the colloseum and I couldn’t care less about it. The biggest problem is that in the summer the city is flooded with tourists and you lose a lot of spots for like 6 months.

– What are some of your favorite buildings or examples of the Ancient architecture in the city?

I like twin gates that are 20 meters from my home and only reason I like them is because of this chain you can ride in front of them haha

– Are you into any conspiracy theories?

haha I can pretty much say that there is nothing left for me to watch about 9/11 that I haven’t seen yet. I studied it all for years and years. WTC collapsing made me so mad as a child. I remember my only wish back in the day was to go to NYC see the twin towers and ride in a yellow crown vic cab. As the luck is serving me, I might not even see the yellow crown vic at all either. Even in movies I see it being replaced with all those shitty vehicles. I tried to watch other theories too but none of them stuck.

-Thanks Marko